Layering for Patagonia!

July 15, 2015

Are you ready for a Patagonia Adventure? You will if you know how to get dress for every weather condition since you might get them all in one day!!!

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Patagonia region is known for its changing climate this is why we want to share some know-how with you to ensure you will have a great time in the mountains and lakes.

The first thing to have in mind is “be ready for the worst” this means, even it is sunny and the forecast says it’s going to be a blue bird day… bring layers for a storm! 😉   Many times hikers leave town in shorts and a shirt thinking conditions will stay so all day, well my friend that may only happen in January! The rest of the year weather changes constantly and wind can pick up fast! This is why we always recommend to hike or kayak with extra layers on your backpack or in a dry-bag. Especially for those desiring a ridge traverse, peak ascent or backpacking adventure, you need to carry layers to be comfortable and enjoy the experience. This doesn´t always mean warm layers, sometimes people begin the trek to warm in Summer and what you need is some lightweight hiking pants and a synthetic shirt.

Our advice follows a well-known system which is called the “Layering System”. Basically you want to have a good combination of garments that allow you to switch them around and play with them in a way that you are not getting cold neither sweating. The enemy are those heavy, thick and not breathable garments!

This is what we recommend, from head to feat for Spring-Summer Season: Sun hat – Warm beanie – Sun glasses (w/chums) – Synthetic base layer such as a T-shirt or a Shirt during sunny days – thin fleece pullover (Polar100) – a thicker fleece or Puffy jacket – Rain Jacket or Softshell Jacket – belt – Fleece or wool globes – Hiking Pants (Softshell material is ideal) or/and Synthetic shorts for sunny summer days – Hiking boots or trail shoes (ideally waterproof, lightweight & broken-in) – Hiking socks.

For Winter Season, we carry the same minus the shorts! And we can add in a pair of Synthetic Long-underwear, Ski Gloves and a pair of Gaiters. Boots should be warmer and no trail-shoes.


All outdoor clothing should be light, comfortable and one layer feet over the next easily.

Apart from your clothing remember always to carry in your day-pack: Sun Cream 30SPF or Higher, Lip Balm, Photo Camera with batteries, Headlamp, Personal Meds if applicable.

We hope this article helps you plan your packing and shopping better, there is no need to survive in the wilderness when you can we happy and comfy! 🙂


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  • Juan September 12, 2015

    Muy buenas recomendaciones para cuando vayamos por Patagonia, para hacer un trekking con los mejores guías ! Abrazos

  • andemita September 12, 2015

    Muchas gracias Juan, me alegro que te hayan servido las recomendaciones. Te eseramos en cualquier momento! abrazo grande

  • Elretha Britz January 3, 2017

    It was a joy hiking with Juan and Roberto. Their knowledge of the Andes, from the smallest flower to the condor and even aspects about the country, is impressive and the lunches a real treat.