Our Mission, Ethics & Values


Andemita is a company formed by a team of guides and educators offering wilderness experiences in Patagonia and other regions of South America. Andemita to us is the vehicle where we can do what we do best and enjoy most, which is going on adventures sharing our interests with others. Allow us to lead you into the wilderness and enjoy!


Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide outdoor ventures prioritizing safety, joy, self-discovery and exploration, while preserving the environment and the values we own.

Our Work Ethics

Andemita is committed to; our clients by providing a personal and flexible service when designing and leading outdoor experiences, our team by acknowledging their importance in the company, respecting their feedback and getting them involved with the transparency of our organization.

Environmental Ethics

Leading trips in the wilderness has an impact, no matter how minimal it is. We assume the responsibility to reduce it as much as possible and follow “Leave No Trace” standards during our trips.  All our guides and educators are trained in LNT practices. We live our lives in the front country under these same values & ethics.