Why Andemita?


Andemita is a new word, a term that didn´t really exist. We are proud of creating something that may have a positive impact in our World and help us become better people. The term comes from “Ande”, referring to the Andes Mountain Range where we develop our activities with passion. While “mita” is a concept from the Quechua language which means “turn or season”.

Andemita is your turn to explore the Andes.


Why exploring with us?

We love our job, we all get involved with our tasks in a fully committed way focusing in our clients needs.
We are a small company which allows us to stay personal and flexible to changes.

As guides our responsibility is to draw smiles on your face, that could be by challenging you on a climb, guiding you to a breathtaking view-point, sharing Mate with local country people, teaching you how to bake bread on a glacier camp or sharing a local beer after a cool peak ascent.

This is why our team and company keeps things simple and professional, detailed oriented but not overwhelming. We aim to connect visitors with the environment and go back to the basics.

“I am thrilled to lead this project and together with friends, create a company culture
that reflects our values and ethic regarding people and the Planet.”

Juan C. Queirolo