Andemita Team is our biggest asset, and it is our responsibility to preserve it. The team is conformed by a selected group of professionals who enjoy working together, respect their profession and practice it with great skill.  Our guides have been trained and worked for many years in Argentina and abroad gaining experience and international standards. Our combined know-how is put together to establish Andemita Guiding Outlines and Risk Management protocols. Our Team shares an annual meeting in the mountains were we all get together to discuses new challenges and opportunities, share guiding techniques, learn from each other, have fun and enjoy the wilderness together.
Juan Carlos Queirolo

Juan Carlos Queirolo

Juan Carlos is the creative mind behind Andemita, he started the company as a search for new challenges and a deeper involvement in the creation of wilderness experiences. Juan Carlos was raised in Buenos Aires where he use to sail with his family during weekend and holidays. Watching the stars on the deck of the sail boat was a family tradition, the Southern Cross was always his favorite constellation. As a teenager he began travelling to Patagonia with friends to fish, hike and camp. Years later became a rock climber and mountaineer just to be able to asses more summits and amazing views. Eventually gaining a passion for the sport and for exploration. Since college wasn’t really doing the trick for him, at the age of 20 he departed to Asia with Raleigh International to explore the other face of the Earth and learn about Outdoor Leadership and Experiential Education. After seven months in Asia he returned to Bs As to continue his studies but this time in Journalism. Juan worked as a travel writer, photographer and as a graphic designer in a Corporate Training Group during three years.

At the age of 23 and after gathering a good amount of fun ascends and traverses along Patagonia, Juan decided to fully commit to a life in the outdoors. This is when he begun his carrier at N.O.L.S. – National Outdoors Leadership School in the U.S.A. and Chile. He lead rock climbing and mountaineering trips in Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Alaska and in Aysen (Chilean Patagonia) for nine years. As a Mountain Guide Juan worked in Southern Patagonia for different programs and companies gaining much experience leading hikers over 50 years old. He discovered that was the public he enjoyed working most. In 2009 Juan settled permanently in Bariloche and begun to focus his guiding work on the Lake District Region. Here he discovered a new style of guiding, focusing much more in the service than on the physical challenge. This change was a new field for grouth and gave him new tools to offer actual wilderness trips with good atention to detail and service.

Juan Carlos lives outside Bariloche city with his life partner Lucia, enjoying their small cabin and the pleasures of a slow lifestyle. On his time off Juan enjoys cooking while listening to good music, gardening his backyard and practicing some Yoga to keep his body somewhat flexible. Outside Juan takes advantage of every season going mountain biking and sea-kayaking in the summer, ice-skating on alpine lakes during the Fall, back-country skiing during the Winter, rock climbing and mountaineering when flower bloom in the Spring.

Outdoor Certifications:
N.O.L.S. Senior Instructor
A.A.G.M. Mountain Guide
W.F.R. First Aid Certified
L.N.T. Leave No Trace Master Educator
AV 1 Level Avalanche Awareness
Nahuel Huapi National Park Mountain & Kayaking Guide
A.C.A American Canoe Association Level 3, Coastal Kayaking

Milton Marques

Milton Marques

Milton is our corporate outdoor training specialist, he begun his carrier in Brazil where he is from. There Milton worked for top leading organization in the outdoor leadership sector. He became a Outward Bound Instructor in 2002 and lead courses for them all over the country. Milton has great vision on program planning and designing activities to better work peoples skills. In Brazil he took over rolls as logistic and operations manager for OB. Also worked for training companies as Aprendix leading different types of coaching, team building and leadership training events.

In 2006 Milton and his Argentinean wife Ana moved to Bariloche in a pursue to be closer to the mountains. Together with his wife they both now embrace the exciting challenge of raising their young kid called Lucas. Meanwhile, Milton continues to work part time in Brazil mixed with Mountain Guiding in Mount Aconcagua, the Bolivian Andes and in Cordillera Blanca – Peru. Milton has lead high altitude expeditions across the Andes, the Alps and Himalayas. His care for towards clients and constant overlook for details while guiding has set his standards high as a professional mountaineer.

Outdoor Certifications:
Outward Bound Instructor
W.F.R. First Aid Certified
WCE- World Challenge Expeditions Guide
Mountain Rescue Specialist
Avalanche Search & Rescue certification.

Javier Rey

Javier Rey

Javier is the smiley face of the team, he is always in a great mood and is the best mediator for conflict and stress releaser. Javier biggest skill is his patience and flexibility. He is a natural team player and is able to see the bright side in every circumstance. These skills turn him into a great leader and person to work with.

Javier outdoor passion begun as a kid travelling with his family around the country, specially to Patagonia. As years went by he begun leading his own trips to Patagonia with friends growing his attachment to the region and gaining experience in backpacking and hiking. Javier entered ISAS institute to become an Outdoor Guide, which he did and then moved to Bariloche.

Javier loves sharing his knowledge of natural history and is a great story teller. He will hypnotize you with his peaceful and engaging tone, key tool for managing groups in the outdoors.

When Javier is not hiking along the trails of Bariloche you might find him driving his mini-van showing tourist around. Javier has been involved with the Tourism Industry for more than 13 years gaining experience and know-how from diverse environments. He lives in a small cabin in the forest by lake Gutierrez with his wife Nina and young sun Julian.

An amazing secret skill Javier shares is his passion for Argentinean folklore, he plays the guitar with love and hearing him sing besides the camp-fire will transport you through time and space.

Outdoor Certifications:
– ISAS Institude Trekking Guide
– W.F.R. First Aid Certified

Roberto Raimondi

Roberto Raimondi

Roberto was born in Cutal-Có (“fire´s stream” according to Mapuche´s language) in Neuquén province, north Patagonian steppe, only at two hours drive from the Andes. He deeply feels that this big portion of land, with all its diversity of landscapes, it´s part of his being. In 2001 Roberto moved to Bariloche, to live between lakes and mountains and study to become a Mountain Guide. After finishing his degree he begun gaining experience guiding trekking, horseback riding and mountain biking at Isla Victoria Lodge in Nahuel Huapi National Park. Life eventually took him further South towards Los Glaciares National Park, where Roberto worked four seasons at EOLO Patagonia´s Spirit – Relais & Chateaux as birdwatching, hiking and horse back riding guide.
Finally, with Manuela, his life partner, decided to settle back in Bariloche, where they are building their home in Circuito Chico area. They both live with their two dogs.
Roberto’s second biggest passion is landscape and macro photography, we works as a freelance photographer and designed a site where you can enjoy his art:
His guiding style is much appreciated by us since he mixes all his knowledge on geology, flora, fauna and local culture during his guiding.

Esteban Cardieri

Esteban is the “born & raised” local from Bariloche in our team. He grew up paddling the lakes and rivers of the regions which was his play ground till it became his work place!
Esteban started his guiding experience on White Water Rafting trips and slowly moved towards kayak-touring. He is our Lead Guide in this discipline and also owns all the equipment and logistics.
After many years paddling in Bariloche area, Esteban became an Outdoor Educator for North Carolina Outward Bound School leading expeditions and courses for them at the Outer Banks in the U.S.A.
As part as his passion for teaching he also got certified as a Level 3 Instructor at the American Canoe Association (ACA 3) which gave him new skills on coaching people on the water.
Apart from his field base work, Esteban has been teaching Wilderness First Aid courses for a local institute here in Bariloche for the last five years.
During the off-season Esteban enjoys going on rock climbing road trips with Lark, his American girlfriend, exploring fun walls and camping out under starry skies.

Outdoor Certifications:
• Nahuel Huapi National Park Kayak Touring Guide
• Lead Instructor for the North carolina Outward Bound School
• Wilderness First Responder Instructor, Fundación Ecomed
• American Canoe Asociation ACA Instructor Level 3
• Leave No Trace Traine