Cerro Goye Trek



This mountain is located by the shoreline of Moreno Lake and offer an amazing lookout trek to the entire lake system around Bariloche city. This day hike options is somewhat less challenging than Bella Vista trek and offers two ways of ascending to the summit. Of the peak.
The longer but more mellow ascend travels up the valley of Goye River, a lushy forest filled with evergreen trees and flowers. As you leave the main trail climbing South, slowly you transition into a Lenga forest much more opened and wild. The trail is mainly forested so it is a good option for stormy days or way to sunny summer days. After three hours of hiking you will notice that the Lenga trees begin to look more like shrubs as you approach to the tree line/timberline where the alpine starts. The trails ascend up a beautiful ridge and the views open in every direction. The vast Andes Range with hundreds of rocky summits and the wining Goye Valley sinking deep into the range, all together offers beautiful view along the ridge. Once at the summit you arrive at the 360 degrees panoramic view where everything come together. Deep blue Lake systems, mountain chains, huge Patagonia steppe to the East… at this point all the effort gets its retribution. Time for a nice tasty lunch at the summit, awaiting for some Andean Condors to fly close by.
The descent takes place down the same route up, enjoying all those little details of the forest that the uphill challenge kept you from discovering. The hike ends at the traditional Swiss town of “Colonia Suiza” where locally brewed beer or homemade muffins and tee could be a great option for finishing a beautiful day in the mountains.
The other trail up the mountain, climbs its East Aspect of the mountain starting in a private trailhead that little people know about. This option is much used in the Wintertime for snowshoeing and alpine touring ski routes. We use it for fast ascents and combining Cerro Goye with Cerro Bella Vista trek, turning the day into a two peak traverse. This is a fun challenge for people who enjoy cruising up and down the mountains and cover long kilometers of adventures.


Level of Challenge: Medium
Recommended Season: Spring – Summer – Autumn
Considerations: During the Spring, expect to find snow at the upper part of the mountain. Good hiking boots and gaiters recommended.
Duration of the activity: 6-8 hours
Length of the Trek: 12 kms
Starting Altitude: 810 msnsm
Max Altitude Climbed: 1640 msnsm
Elevation gained: 810 mts

Service includes:
– Transportation from Hotel
– Bilingual Certified Mountain Guide
– Box Lunch + water + tea + snacks
– First Aid Kit + VHF Radio + GPS
– Insurance



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