Jesuits Lookout

This day hike covers an area of the National Park that not too many people visit. It is great for those who love the solitude of the mountains and here you gain it even in the crowdest season.

The trail begins at Guillelmo lake. During the first hour you explore a dense evergreen forest with creeks and Colihue cane growing everywhere. A deserved water break enjoying the view of Guillelmo lake below you and wild flowers covering the mountain site. You continue gaining elevation till you reach an old growth Lenga forest. From this point you get a good perspective of the valley you are surrounded by, it is a wide glacier curved valley with dense green forest covering it, the view is amazing.

At this point, the trail becomes more gentle and progress is done at a better pace. It’s common to sea different species of woodpeckers along the trees. At 1640 meters of elevation trees become bushes and then disappear, you gained the alpine terrain. To reach the summit you ascend a scree field that may have some snow depending on the season. At the summit, Mount Tronador appears clamming the horizon to the West, it´s glaciers and three summits look beautiful above the remaining peaks of the Cordillera de Los Andes. Time for a summit picture and lunch.

The descend follows the uphill trail and once back at the starting point. On the descend you will discover features who didn’t noticed in the way up, for example: how the lakes Mascardi and Guillelmo connected.

If energy is still high, you can continue the way down towards the lake and enjoy a relaxing swim in the clearest waters you ever seen!


Level of Challenge: Medium
Recommended Season: Spring – Summer – Autumn
Duration of the activity: 6-8 hours
Length of the Trek:  8,1 kms
Starting Altitude: 890 msnsm
Max Altitude Climbed:  1930 msnsm
Elevation gained: 1040 mts

Service includes:
Bilingual Mountain Guide
Box Lunch + water + tea + snacks
First Aid Kit + VHF Radio + GPS


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