Mount López by Palotinos

Cerro López is one of the most traditional peak ascents in the history of Bariloche Mountaineering.
This peak had the first explorers of Bariloche climb it´s ridges and rocky walls with wool sweaters and army leather boots.

The emblematic mountain offers different routes to climb it. A great fun challenge it to follow “Palotinos” Ridge, which begins at Bahia López and follows a aesthetic steep ridged with amazing views of Mount Tronador, “Tristeza” Branch of Nahuel Huapi Lake and “Capilla” Mountain. The ridge has a passage that involves some 4th class rock climb, then followed with a talus field that leads you to the summit traverse. The views are incredible from this point where in clear  days you can distinguish the volcanoes of Chile and the desert looking plains to the East. The hike follows the skyline to the summit at 2039 meters, this summit is called “Pico Turista”. From this point the descend follows the main trail people use to climb the peak. Depending on the season, the main aspect of the mountain can be loaded with snow which facilitates the descend. It is a long way down to the base of the mountain.

Another option is to climbing up the traditional trail to Lopez Hut till half way up, then you enter a Lenga forest towards a ridge called “Filo de las Cabras”. Here you might get to see some Magellanic Woodpeckers and Cachaña parquet’s . Quickly gain elevation and reach the ridge where the view is breath-taking, overlooking Moreno and Nahuel Huapi lakes. This is a good point to have your box-lunch and watch Condors flying below you at a close distance. The descend follows the East ridge of the mountain towards a new Mountain Hut called “Extremo Encantado”. You re-enter the forest after hiking on the alpine terrain. Wild flowers and berries decorate the trek down the mountain. Once at the hut, enjoy its beautiful fireplace and rest appreciating the panoramic view while dinner gets ready in the kitchen. Dinner will be served during the sunset and after a couple of glasses of while you will descend the remain of the mountain on a Land Rover jeep down a mountain road back to the base.


Palotinos option:

Level of Challenge: High
Recommended Season: Spring – Summer – Autumn
Duration of the activity: 8-11 hours
Length of the Trek: 11 kms
Starting Altitude: 778 msnsm
Max Altitude Climbed: 2039 msnsm
Elevation gained: 1261 mts

Filo de Las Cabras option:

Level of Challenge: Medium
Recommended Season: Spring – Summer – Autumn
Duration of the activity: 6-8 hours
Length of the Trek:  5 kms
Starting Altitude: 839 msnsm
Max Altitude Climbed: 1752 msnsm
Elevation gained: 916 mts

Service includes:

Bilingual Certified Mountain Guide
Box Lunch + water + tea + snacks
First Aid Kit + VHF Radio + GPS


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