Restaurant recommendations in Bariloche

October 26, 2021

Hello fellow outdoor people!

Thank you for visiting our site and hopefully exploring Patagonia with us.

As part of our service we would like to recommend you some restaurants in Bariloche where we live. It is very challenging to go outside with an empty stomach so we want to make sure you take advantage of the great options this destination has to offer when talking about food and locally made beer!

Our suggestions are divided in two: spots located in the actual city of Bariloche and others on the outskirts of the city where you may need a taxi or a car to get too depending where you are staying at.

(Price range approx. $ to $$$$$ = pretty un-expensive to expensive but worth it! J)


In town:

ALMADO – nice restaurant at the shoreline of the lake close to the Main Plaza. Good food, good local bear and beautiful view! You are almost on the water! ($$$)

HUACHO – a little away from downtown but at walking distance, great mix of asado and cuisine, great for couples! 😉> ($$$)

ALTO EL FUEGO –  great atmosphere and meat! well located in town, where the happening is taking place. great service and quality. Not the less expensive asado you will eat! http:> ($$$$)

NENE BAR – fun and cultural bar with lots of live music and diverse crouds and phemes for a good night out in town! burgers and pizzas are awesome!> ($$$)

El Nacional – modern looking restaurant & steak house with broader menu options. Located on San Martin Av. close to Don Molina. ($$$$)

RICO – simple and delicious vegetarian restaurant. Located on San Martin Av. close to Panamericano Hotel. ($)

Manush Bar– best microbrew in downtown Bariloche. Good bar food and crowed with outdoorsy people! ($$$)

Outside town:

Almazen de Sabores – my favorite restaunt in Bariloche, small and relax, gourmet family owned restaurant. It in on the next town over called Dina Huapi, 20minutes from downtown. ($$$)

La Salamandra – also a nice relax atmosphere with a simple but great menu. On KM6 of Bustillo road. ($$)

Ona: Another great vegetarian restaurant with tasty and creative dishes. It is located close to La Salamandraon Bustillos Av. ($$)

Berlina Bar & Restaurant: Best local beer in Bariloche! Their IPA is perfect and delicious pizzas and burgers. Their outside patio is perfect for chillaxing after a day in the woods! ($$$)

La Cruz Bar: if you are more into British style of microbrews, you should try this guy’s Porter, is amazing!!! ($$$)

Cassis – the most well-known restaurant with great wine and very gourmet dishes. Located at Guitierres Lake with a beautiful view especially during summer nights. ($$$$$)

Il Gabbiano – Italian restaurant, ideal for pasta although their menu has other great options. Close to Llao Llao Hotel. ($$$$)

Butterfly – similar to Cassis but with a fixed 7 steps (tasting) menu.  Very sophisticated! Located at KM 7 of Bustillo Av. with a beautiful view especially during summer nights. ($$$$$)