Cerro Capilla

Mount Capilla

Cerro Capilla is located by lake Nahuel Huapi between two long branches called “Tristeza” and “Bless”. This gives to the mountain an amazing set-up since is surrounded by water and no high peaks around. The views and wilderness factor is outstanding considering you are so close to Bariloche city. This has to do with the logistics to get to the mountain which involves a lake boat crossing. This ascent is a gem for Bariloche mountaineering, offering a fun 3rd class rock climb during the summer and autumn or snow-ice during the spring time.

 Day 1, Ascend to the Slovenian Mountain Hut: The expedition begins in Bahia López, below the amazing granite walls of Lopez Mountain. Here you jump on a boat to cross Tristeza branch of the lake towards a small beach on the other side. The trail begins gaining altitude fast. This trail is quick rough and steep since it has little maintenance. After three hours of hiking you start entering the alpine valley where the hut is located. This is a classic U shape glacier carved valley, surrounded by granite walls and alpine meadows. Once at the hut is time to relax and enjoy the solitude of the place. Dinner will be cooked and a briefing of tomorrows climb will be given by the guide. Early sleep time since tomorrow ascend starts with the first lights.

Day 2, Summit attempt: Alpine start, the ascend climbs snowy ramps and steep rocky slopes where rope use might be needed. This is not a climb for people who are affraid of hights. The climb takes approximately four hours to the summit. Up at 2167 meters of elevation you reach the top of the mountain. The views are amazing overlooking Tronador and Puntiagudo dormant volcanoes or the entire Nahuel Huapi lake with its branches and islands. It is common to see Condors flying close to the summit.

The descend may include some rappelling and down climbing depending on the conditions. By mid afternoon you will reach the hut for a well deserved rest. The remaining of the day will be at leisure for relaxing by the alpine creek or exploring the forest for some bird watching. Tonight is time for summit celebration at the hut!

Day 3, Descent to the lake and back to Bahia López: Easy morning start, pack everything including all trash and begin the hike down the mountain following the same way up. In a couple of hours you will be by the beach. Before sailing to the bay, you will visit the waterfall that is created by the creek which runs just beside the mountain hut you slept during the expedition.

 Optional: As a warm up trek, include in your itinerary any of our day hikes or combine this expedition with an ascent of Tronador Argentinean Summit.


Level of Challenge: Medium – High (not recommended for people who suffer from Vertigo)
Recommended Season: Spring – Summer – Autumn
Duration of the activity: 2,5 days. Day 1: 5 hours of hiking – Day 2: 6 hours climb and descend – Day 3: 3 hours of hiking
Length of the Trek:  11 kms
Starting Altitude:  770 msnsm
Max Altitude Climbed: 2167  msnsm
Max Elevation gained in a day: 730 mts

Service includes:
Bilingual Certified Mountain Guide (ratio 1:3 participants)
Lake crossing in a small yacht
Expedition cooking Gear
Expedition Technical Gear
All meals during the expedition
First Aid Kit + VHF Radio + GPS
Insurance + Permits


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