Domuyo Volcano Expedition

Welcome to the “Roof of Patagonia”! This emblematic volcano is the highest peak in the region reaching 15450 ft. of elevation. The mountain is located at a different mountain range than the Andes, this one is called “Cordillera del Viento “(Wind Range)located in Neuquen province just East from the Andes. This range is very remote and pristine ideal for a mountaineering expedition surrounded by a rich rural culture that will certainly add to your trip. The area also contains some amazing geological features such as geysers and thermal waters. This expedition is a great way to get introduced to High Altitude Mountaineering since you will need to acclimatize to the lack of oxygen, to the cold windy weather and all camps will be full on mountaineering style.

The ascend is divided in two camps, a Base Camp and an Advanced Camp at 12140 ft. of elevation.

Apart from the climb, the expeditions focuses in exploring the regions singularities such as the rural culture and the thermal attractions that is why we finish the trip at the hot-springs of Aguas Calientes so we all can relax the tired muscles before enjoying a Grilled Goatling typical from the area.

Domuyo Expedition offers you a unique opportunity to discover a very pristine region of Northern Patagonia.

Day 1: Private Transfer to Varvarco town where you will spend the night, meet your guides and have a gear check.

Day 2: Transfer to the trail head where we will find the “pilcheros” (horse people) who will carry almost all equipment to the Base Camp. 4 hour Trek to Base Camp. Set camp and relax.

Day 3: Trek and equipment portage to the Advance Camp at 12140 ft. of elevation. This day is used to acclimatize and get those legs stronger. Overnight back at Base Camp.

Day 4: Move up the mountain to the Advance Camp. The climb leads you to some beautiful views to the neighboring glaciers. The high altitude camp offers a real mountaineering feel with panoramic views of other mountain ranges. Time to rest and get ready for the Summit day.

Day 5: Alpine start, quick and strong breakfast for a great push up the mountain. By mid-day you will be celebrating your highest summit in Patagonia! Descend to Advance Camp.

Day 6: Slow morning enjoying every view with a hot coffee or Mate. Slowly descend back to Base Camp and meet the horse people who will carry the gear back to the trucks. Hike down the valley following the river valley. Joy overtakes the expedition, time to look over your shoulder towards Domuyo and enjoy your memories of the adventure. At the truck, time to celebrate the end of the mountaineering expedition and drive to the hot-springs for a relaxing bath. Back at Varvarco town, Closure Dinner Party with great red-vine, a traditional roasted goat and fond stories of an amazing expedition.

Day 7: Drive back to the airport and end of the trip!


Level of Challenge: High
Recommended Season: November till March
Duration of the Expedition: 6-8 days
Distance covered on the expedition: 30 kms
Starting Altitude: 7870 ft.
Max Altitude Climbed: 15450 ft.
Max Elevation gained in a Day: 3300 ft.
Service includes:
Bilingual Mountain Guide
Expedition Camping Gear
Expedition Technical Gear
All meals during the expedition.
Private transfer to Volcán Domuyo
Lodging at Varvarco Town
Pack-horses for equipment
First Aid Kit + VHF Radio + GPS
Insurances + Permits


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