Mountaineering Aysen Chile



Welcome to the most pristine and rugged region of Patagonia. Aysen is known for its natural beauty and little human population. In addition, the region contains some of the most impressive mountain ranges of Patagonia, among them are San Valentin, San Lorenzo and Arenales to name a few. This dramatic landscapes is filled with fascinating glaciers, sharp peaks, broad and deep valleys, turquoise lakes, strong rivers and lush heavy forests. Another treasure this region has is the presence of rural people who have inhabited these valleys for generations preserving their traditions and Gaucho culture. This Mountaineering expedition will immerse you into all of this and much more!

The expedition begins with in Coyhaique where you will meet your Guides and will have a Briefing meeting + gear check. Soon after you will all jump on the vehicles and drive South towards Bertrand port in the emerging Baker River at Lake Bertrand. Here we load the boat with all our expedition gear and cross lake Bertrand and connect into Lake Plomo through a narrow passage formed by a terminal moraine of an ancient extinct glacier. At the far West end of the lake we arrive at John´s ranch which will be our base camp.

The expedition will be supported by pack-horses called “pilcheros” to load our equipment up the mountain. The trek begins by heading West further into the valley following the milky waters of Rio Soler. From the first campsite you will already feel the great glaciers of the Northern Ice Field closer.

The next day we continue to climb crossing tree line and setting camp on a protected snowfield. Here is where horses say goodbye and equipment has to be ported to the glacier. We enter Paulina Glacier and search for a strategic place where to set Base Camp. Snow camping skills are introduced and camp set.

Basic glacier travel skills will be taught and practice, the first full day on the glacier is dedicated to learn techniques. After the group is solid in their skills, time to start exploring the glacier and climbing the peaks which surround Paulina glacier plateau. None of this peaks have names since not too many people climbed them. This are fun and challenging climbs which will provide perfect learning ground and amazing rewarding views on their summits.

At camp, you will experience expedition style snow camping and living. Cooking gourmet meals and baking your own bread and pizzas will be just an example, carving your snow-cave and using a crevasse as a toilet all new experiences that you will never forget. After six days on the glacier it is time to make your way back down the mountain. Re-connecting with the green environment of the valley is a magical moment where you will be amazed by the beauty of so many things before you gave for granted.

A big delicious “asado” will be waiting for you at the ranch where you will spend one more day relaxing and recovering from a great adventure while fly-fishing Soler river and tasting the best red wine!


Level of Challenge: High
Recommended Season: Late Spring – Summer – Autumn
Duration of the Expedition: 10-12 days
Length of the Trek:  Aprox. 7 kms x day.
Starting Altitude:  208 msnsm
Max Altitude Climbed:  2106 msnsm
Max Elevation gained in a Day: 700 mts

Service includes:
Bilingual Certified Mountain Guide (ratio 1:4 participants)
Expedition Camping Gear
Expedition Technical Gear
All meals during the expedition
First Aid Kit + VHF Radio + GPS

Insurance + Permits



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