Pampa Linda



Mount Tronador is probably the most dramatic peak in the region. This mountain is an dormant volcano whose crater exploited and left behind 3 summits. The border with Chile runs acroos the International summit then other two are called Chilean summit and Argentinean summit. It´s name Tronador, Spanish for “Thunderer” comes from the sound its glaciers make when they calv and fall from the cliffs provoking a loud noises similar to thunders which can be even heard from Bariloche city. Pampa Linda is the main valley at Tronador foothill and offer amazing views of the mountain and great hiking opportunities for all public. A way to really enjoy the area is getting of the beaten path and explore the trail which connects Perez stone with the view point of the valley. This hike will allow you to get to now, “Ventisquero Negro”, “Garganta del Diablo” and then gain elevation and hike close to the glacier out of the crowds enjoying the views and peacefulness of the mountains. Eventually ending back at Pampa Linda for a rest.

During the late afternoon is time to enjoy the short trek to “Saltillo de las Nalcas” (Las Nalcas waterfall), a hidden waterfall which will surprise you by it´s beauty. By dawn, sit and relax outside and enjoy the sunset by Tronador mountain watching how the glacier change colors and the first stars appear in the sky. Overnight at the Pampa Linda Lodge or “El Refugio”.

The morning starts early, you will gain the trail towards Otto Meiling Mountain Hut a well marked trail that will help you ascend up to the glaciers of Tronador. First crossing an old growth forest till you get to La Almohadilla, here you meet tree line and follow a ridge with classic alpine flowers and patches of snow. By 2pm you will arrive at the hut, surrounded by glacier and visited by huge Andean Condors almost every sunny day. Time to enjoy the scenery and have lunch.

In the afternoon you begin the descend following the some route up arriving at Pampa Linda with enough time to continue your way back to Bariloche.

Optional: Extend this trip two more days by linking it to Paso de las Nubes traverse, descending towards Lago Frias and catching the catamaran back to Bariloche.



Level of Challenge: Medium
Recommended Season: Spring – Summer – Autumn
Duration of the activity: 2 days – Day 1: 5 hours – Day 2: 7-9 hours
Length of the Trek:  15 kms + 18 km
Starting Altitude: 851 msnsm
Max Altitude Climbed:   1857 msnsm
Max Elevation gained in a day: 1006 mts

Service includes:
Bilingual Certified Mountain Guide
Box Lunch + water + tea + snacks
First Aid Kit + VHF Radio + GPS
Insurance + Permits



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